Automatic pre-made bag sealing packaging machine unit for Marinated meat :

Introduktion : This unit machine is special design for packaging solid and liquid mixed product in to pillow bag .Until now client have use this machine to packing boiled beans with soup ,pickled cucumbers with brine.Green olive with brine and so on .This machine have the function of solid weighing filling bag loding,liquid product measuring and filling ,bag sealing ,Including date coding ,bag counting .The finished bag is output from conveyor machine which no need manual collect the bag and avoid the bag polluting .

ZLB100 Piston pump with hopper (For liquid materials with good fluidity)

Application :

This piston pump is widely use for measuring the free fluidity liquid like water juice and so on .Adopting volume measuring with fast speed .Whole machine made by SUS304 .


Standard with Airtac Piston.

All piston filler made from S/S 304 grade stainless steel and aluminum conforms to GMP.

Suit for various Liquid Model with stainless steel product hopper

Operated by foot pedal switcher or matching with full automatic packaging machine

With Anti-leaking system

Quick release nozzle and feed pipe

Technical parameter :

Filling range: 10-100 ML

Power supply: 220V 50HZ

Total power Power: 1650W

Heating power:1500W

Temperature range:20-90℃

Weight: 55kg

Hopper capacity: 30L (Can order made )

Air pressure: 0.4-0.6mpa

Working mode: need to be equipped with a power supply and air compressor

Machine material: case 201 stainless steel, material contact part is 304 stainless steel

Fyldningsnøjagtighed: ± 1%

Filling efficiency: 0-25 bottles /H