Introduction :  

This unit machine is special design for packaging sticky sauce & paste into plastic bag .The packing machine can measure and pack automatically. Widely used in food industry and chemical industry, such as: coconut fruit, crystal ball, fruit stuffing, salad dressing, bun stuffing, meat stuffing, fruit grains, glutinous rice glue, jelly glue, paint, grease, non-food detergent and other liquids Semi-fluid packaging.The machine have the function of automatic bag forming, paste product measuring and filling .Install with special roller for keep the air out of the bag .The machine also have color ribbon for date printer for coding of expiry date and production date.


Main Features and Characteristics:

  1. It is suitable for measuring and packaging liquids, solid-liquid mixtures, and highly viscous materials. After packaging, there is no air in the bag and it will not affect the sealing.
  2. The main machine adopts imported brand touch screen, PLC, servo motor, frequency converter and pneumatic components, with stable and reliable control and long-term durability of the machine.
  3. Extrusion exhaust method is adopted, which is especially suitable for the packaging of viscous materials
  4. Materials can be packaged at high temperature to avoid secondary pollution, improve work efficiency and reduce production costs.
  5. The film release system can be adjusted left and right as a whole, and it can be adjusted quickly without stopping the machine to further improve the operation performance and work efficiency
  6. The function of automatic tracking of the color mark ensures that the packaged product is a finished product when the color mark cannot be tracked or detected by mistake, reducing the scrap rate. The one-key adjustment of the tangent point position is faster and more convenient than adjusting through the mechanical structure.
  7. The horizontal horizontal hopper of the rotor pump is more stable in feeding and stirring semi-fluid materials, so that the packaging target weight error is smaller