Introduktion :

This unit was developed for the needs of fluid and viscous products. The unit is composed of a grouting machine and a packaging machine; the packaging machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate; the machine integrates the functions of bag making, filling, sealing and counting. It uses a servo motor to pull the film and has an automatic deviation correction function.

The PLC control components are all international famous brand products with reliable performance. The advanced design ensures that the machine is very convenient for adjustment, operation and maintenance in different industries. The pneumatic part of the grouting machine adopts pneumatic components; the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the precision is high; the filling bulkhead adopts anti-drip and anti-drawing filling devices; this unit can be modified into riot-proof filling according to customer needs System; multi-head filling; insulation system; semi-automatic or fully automatic filling system. According to customer requirements, the electrical control of the entire unit meets the requirements for explosion protection.

Four, related configuration

  1. The control part adopts touch screen, which has the advantages of simple operation and stability;
  2. The pneumatic part adopts solenoid valve, oil-water separator and cylinder;
  3. The film pulling motor adopts servo motor;
  4. The film-feeding part of the packaging machine adopts servo film-drawing technology to effectively prevent the package material from deviating.