Automatic Brick type flat bottom bag forming filling and top sticker packaging machine

Introduction :

This machine are special design for packing grain like beans rice or sugar and powder  product .This machine unit are including one set feeding conveyor for bulk grain ,one set weighing filling machine one set ZL series vffs packaging machine and one set ZLYB-1000 Linear type bag folding sealing and top sticker packaging machine .It can make the nice bag with square bottom and fold the bag mouth and top sticker .So the finished bag have a nice shape with long shelf life.


Work progress:

  • Transfer the material to the hopper of the weighing machine
  • Automatic weighing and discharge the material
  • Automatic making the bag and filling the material
  • Vibrating the material
  • First fold the bag mouth
  • Secondary fold the bag mouth and sealing the bag
  • Amend the bag mouth
  • Sealing the bag and fold the bag
  • Labeling the label and output the bag

Tekniske parametre:

Packing speed: 15-25bags/min

Bag type: pillow bag, Gusset bag (Square bottom bag/Flat bottom bag  )
Reel outer diameter: :¢500mm
Core inner diameter: :¢75mm
Bag-making size: L(50~340)×W(80~260)mm
Power source: 380 V/6 kW
Compressed air requirement: 0.6 MPa 0.36 M3/min