1. New exterior appearance and combined type of frame are made the machine become more precision on the whole
2. Same appearance of our high speed machine
3. Over 85% spare parts are stainless steel, all the film going frame is 304 stainless steel
4. Longer film pulling belts, more stable
5. Vertical structure is easier to adjust, stable
6. Longer rack of film axis, to avoid damages of film
7. Bag former newly designed, which is the same with high speed machine, and easy to change by just release one screw bar.
8. Larger film roller up to diameter 450mm, to save the frequency of change another film
9. Electric box is easy to move, open and maintenance freely
10.Touch screen is easy to move, machine working with lower noise


When matching this baopack new version VP42A with different measuring system, it can pack powder, granule, liquid etc. Mainly into pillow bags, gusset bags, also optionally linking bags, punching holes bags for different ways to exhibit better in showshelves. Hope we can help from the beginning to lifetime project.

Hurtige detaljer

Type: Multi-Function Packaging Machine
Tilstand: Ny
Funktion: Fyldning, forsegling, fødning, posenformning, udgang, formfyldningstætning
Anvendelse: Fødevarer, Drikkevarer, Medicinsk, Kemisk, Maskiner og Hardware
Emballage type: dåser, stående taske, tasker, film, folie, pose, sag
Emballagemateriale: Plast, Papir, Kompositfilm, Lamineret film, Premade poser
Automatisk karakter: Automatisk
Driven Type: Pneumatisk
Spænding: 220V 50 / 60Hz
Effekt: 2,2KW
Certificering: CE ISO
Capacity (estimate): ≤70 Bags/min according to products and film
Diameter of Film Roll Inner Core: 75mm
Bag size: Bag Width 50-200mm Bag Length 50-320mm
Film width: 120-420mm
Taske type: Pudeposer, Gusset Tasker
Trækbælte type: Dobbeltbælte trækfilm
Luftforbrug: 0,8Mpa 0,3m3 / min
Net Weight: 520kg
Eftersalgsservice Forudsat: Ingeniører til rådighed for service i udlandet

Sachet machines are used in a multitude of industries for powder and liquid products. Sealed on all four sides, these small packets are often filled with condiments and spices like salt, sugar, mayonnaise, or ketchup. Manufacturers and contract packagers love sachet packing machines because they can achieve high throughput while occupying limited floor space.

Automatic liquid packaging machine is high precision packing machine and the most advanced liquid (sachet) packing machine in china, The sachet machine is integrated with UltraViolet sterilization, Sachet forming, quantitative filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting .Controlled by microprocessor and automatic photocell (Optional Function).
The finished package is beautiful and secure .This series machine have been long-tested, and their performance gained a very high reputation from our clients because of the simple operation and smooth work with low failure rate.


(1) Bag (sachet )-forming
(2) UV sterilization
(3) Termisk lodret forsegling
(4) Date lamination
(5) Lineær pose trækkraft
(6) quantitative filling
(7) Termisk tværgående tætning
(8) Bag-cutting
(9) Automatisk tælling
(10) Photocell monitoring (Available according to client's demand)

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