Automatic Vertical packaging machine quad bag with degassing valve for 250g coffee powder

Flour packing machine is suitable for fluidity powder, such as flour, milk powder, bean powder, spices powder, coffee powder etc.



1)   Electronic weighting system makes the weight of packing more accurate and speed faster.

2)   Multilingual color touch screen to make the operation is much easilier and efficient to meet different clients' needs.

3)  Imported PLC computer has stable running and parameters adjustable.

4)  Imported servo film transport system,imported color code sensor make position and performance stable.

5)  Kinds of automatic alarming protective function furthest reduce the unnecessary loss.

Tekniske specifikationer

TypeZVF-520 Series
Bag length50-300mm(L)
Bag width50-200mm(W) [the max is 220mm]
Max width of roll film520mm
Gas consumption0.3m3/min
Power voltage220VAC/50Hz
Strøm2.2 KW
Vægt600 kg


Auger Filler

Auger Filler for powder, range 100-3000g, speed up to 80 discharges per min.


Auger Filler with servo motor driven, designed for dosing powder products, suit for a wide range of loose powdery products, such as flour, powdered milk, cocoa, icing sugar, baby food, ground spices, finely ground coffee, chemical products, etc.
With ability to Synchronization with most of automatic packing machine, it works to dosing, filling, sealing job. (Read more for Vertical Form Fill Seal With Auger Filler Packing System)
This Series Auger Filler equips side open hopper for easy cleaning, maintenance.


SS 304 Frame, with hydraulic elevator, meets GMP request, also for some corrosive powder.
Compact system, stable and durable.
Low noise, maintenance free Servo motor driven, precious, fast, high torque, long life, speed adjustable.
Air proof hopper, dust proof with easy nitric flushing. Discharge gate with dust collector.