Automatic Premade Bag for Powder Filling Sealing Rotary Packaging Machine


Rotary bag-given packing machine with different dosing(Such as multihead weigher,auger filler,liquid filler etc.),Can be suitable for the automatic packing for granular,powder,liquid,paste etc.Different kinds of rpoduct with the premade stand-up pouch,flat pouch and so on.


  • Easy To Operate:PLC control, man-machine interface.
  • Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation:Using frequency conversion adjustment device, the speed can be adjusted at will in the specified range.
  • Easy to adjust the clip width:Control by motor;Only by a button you can sync control 8 sets of clip.
  • The material level is all made of stainless steel 304 or food-degree plastic according with food hygienic requirement.
  • Open Zipper Mechanism:Design for zipper bag characteristics, high opening rate (invention patent) .