This series of ampoule machine, newly developed by our company, is a new generation of the ampoule drawing, filling and sealing combined equipment.

It adopts the rectangular feeding instead of the traditional ampoule feeding methods to make the feeding more steady with less broken rate. A new clutch device is installed under the ampoule feeding hopper. In this way, the ampoule feeding can be stopped at any time while the machine is still running. And the ampoule loss can be reduced efficiently. In the part of stopping filling where changes electromagnetic switch into mechanical switch, which makes the machine more reliable and durable. Bottle reverses and bottle sorting structure are used in the device of bottle outlet .

It reduces the broken rate of the finished ampoules tremendously.

This machine is convenient for the pharmaceutical factories. Every 2, 4 or 6 ampoule bottles as a group, move together to each working process position for the bottle feeding, prior nitrogen filling, liquid filling, later nitrogen filling, bottle warming up and bottle sealing. It is welcome for the simple structure, easy operation and steady quality.

Hurtige detaljer

Type: Fyldemaskine
Tilstand: Ny
Application: Chemical, Medical
Emballagetype: Flasker
Packaging Material: Glass
Automatisk karakter: Automatisk
Driven Type: Elektrisk
Spænding: 380V
Power: 0.37kw, 380V/0.37kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 800*600*1100mm
Weight: 120KG
Certificering: CE ISO
Name: LSAG-2
Fuel Consumption: 1-1.5M3/h (gas/ LPG)
Combustion improver: 0.5-1M3/h
Weight(kg): 120kg
Productivity: 1-2ml: 1800-4200 BPM/ 5-10ml: 2400-3000 BPM
Eftersalgsservice Forudsat: Ingeniører til rådighed for service i udlandet

Produkt beskrivelse

Tag filmen, Plastflaskeformning, påfyldning, datoudskrivning, forsegling og skæring kan udføres automatisk. Spar tid og omkostninger.

Denne maskine anvendes til at fylde væske eller halvflydende, såsom oral væske, olie, kosmetisk (shampoo, fløde) og honning mv.

Denne maskine er meget udbredt i apotek, daglig kosmetiske, petrokemiske og fødevarer mv industrier.

♦  PLC control, with touch key-press, easy operation.
♦  With transducer, the speed can be adjusted.
♦  Take out the film, plastic bottle-forming, filling, date printing, sealing and cutting can be completed automatically. Save cost and time.
♦  Packing material: PVC/PE film
♦  All parts contact with materials are made of 304/316L stainless steel, no pollution, easy cleaning, meet the GMP standard.
♦  The driving system is simple and reliable, and maintenance is easy.
♦  Main pneumatic components are all imported.
♦  Piston pump filling system and peristaltic pump filling system are optional.
♦  No leak, no bubble, no extravasations when filling