ZL1100 Vertical Bag Forming Filling Sealing Machine for 15-25kg Wooden Pellets

Application :

This machine can automatic realize functions of bag- making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting, etc. All of the components adopts international famous brand, PLC and Touch scree is SIEMENS, servo motor is PANASONIC, cylinder and air vavle is SMC brand . parts which contact with material ,control cabinet ,main frame are made of stain less steel


ZL1100 packaging machine
Machine fully controlled by Siemens PLC & Touch-Screen
Minute capacity can automaticly display on Touch screen
Film transport system and horizontal Jaw motion both drive by Panasonic
Safe quick change of tube and collar by just pull out the braket.
Optoelectronics detect film position on collar to correct film excursion
Electrical photo sensor inducting color code to control bag length
Unique Pneumatic Film-Reel locking structure to avoid film drawing deflecting
Independent temperature adjustment.
Various types of heating sealable laminated films namely PE/BOPP, CPP/BOPP, CPP/PET, PE/NYLON, aluminum foil based can be run on the machine.